Brenna & Laura - Sisterlee Boutique

Meet the Sisters
Behind Sisterlee

We are so happy you are here! Sisterlee is a boho chic with a casual comfort place for women to shop. Our goal is to bring you versatile collections that are as classy and sassy as the wearer herself and most importantly make her feel her best! We believe that a great day starts with sisters and a great outfit.  At the heart of Sisterlee are two sisters that live by the motto…. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Our shared love of fashion and shopping is what brought life to Sisterlee and we will always bring you unique and trendy pieces that will make you feel beautiful without breaking the bank.


Brenna & Lala

Boujee Boy Mom (also happily married)
Meet our Big Sister Brenna

Hey Y’all! I’m Brenna, founder of Sisterlee Boutique! Also wife to Scott, Mama to Dylan & Fisher, and the Big Sissy.

Since I was a little girl, clothes have been my thing. I love that the perfect outfit can make a girl feel beautiful and confident! I love that you can use clothes as an outlet for creativity and I think every woman should feel comfortable in what she chooses to wear.

My sisters have listened to me say, “One day I’m going open a store” for more years than I can remember and I was finally able to convince them to take the leap with me and Sisterlee was born. I wanted to create something that would allow me to be present for the people in my life that mean the most to me and I wanted my children to see me doing something I was truly passionate about.

“If you keep chasing
your dreams, one day you’ll catch them.”

XOXO, Brenna

Brenna - Founder of Sisterlee Boutique
Laura - Founder of Sisterlee Boutique
Happily Married Stay-At-Home Mom
Lala (The Middle Sister)

Well, hello! I’m Laura but my friends and family call me Lala. I’m also the co-founder and middle sister, the laid back one. At least I think I am, but I guess it depends on who you ask. I easily identify as the happily married stay-at-home mom. I married my best friend over 10 years ago and we made two beautiful little humans. Gemma and Roman. I love my family fiercely and the beach is our playground. Our shark tooth collection is impressive.

Since the big “motherhood” transition I’ve struggled to find anything more valuable than time spent with my children. Cue Sisterlee…. It’s been a conversation amongst us sisters for years (one thing about Brenna is that she is persistent to say the least) but it never really had the “right time feel” until now. We cannot wait to share our version of one-style-fits-all with the world.

“Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.”

Xoxo, Lala